Cortisol-Conscious Workouts Are Making Your Sweat Sessions Smarter

2018 was the year, dedicated for the ultimate HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) sessions which were based on one of the popular workout myths-“No Pain, No Gain”. Soon the fitness fanatics have realized that such types of intense workouts may lead to release more Cortisol hormones in the bloodstreams that can be harmful for our body, in many ways. So, 2019 is seemed devoted for Cortisol-Conscious Workouts that is giving a prominent side-way for earlier fitness myths and misconceptions.

Straight Scoop on What Cortisol Hormones Really Are

In acute stress-state, the sympathetic nervous system of our body gets activated. Which in returns, stimulate the adrenal glands for releasing Cortisol hormones.Indeed, Cortisol hormones play vital role while fighting with immediate physical threat; helping human bodies to provide necessary energy; raising plasma glucose-level while dealing with unnecessary stresses and saving our body from any kind of injury, infection or illness. Although these body’s stress hormones give “fight-or-flight responses” triggered by adrenal glands which are helpful for better managing blood pressure and even the heart rates in human bodies.

Till all we read was awesome. But too much Cortisol can lead to some serious issues. Read on to know what those issues are and why you should control your Cortisol-level.

Negative Effects Of Higher Cortisol-Level

It has been proven that if you do some intense workouts for more than 45 minutes then cortisol-level in your blood increases vitally which is harmful, especially if you are a woman. As it reduces the protein synthesis of the body which typically effects “protein to glucose” conversion rate of a body. Resulting, it increases abdominal fat. Hence, all your sweats and hard work shall go in vein if you feels like a little emotional or stressed while doing exercises. The list of its negative effects doesn’t end here. It causes tissues breakdown and even reduces calcium in your body. In some cases, it may also increase Osteoporosis in the body. Besides these,there are more chances of prone to be a diabetic with higher Cortisol-level.

Pro-Tips For A Smarter Sweat Session With Cortisol-Conscious Workouts

Tips #1 Reduce The Length Of Sweat Sessions.

Cortisol-conscious workouts are ideal for controlling the stress hormones. For athletes, sports persons and gym lovers, it is really important to know how to become cortisol conscious. They need to understand that actually “lesser is more”. So they should cut down their long-workout sessions into 30 to 45 minutes shorter or you can say smarter sweat sessions.

Tips #2 Take Regular Breaks.

No doubt, exercises are actually medicine for fitness lovers. But listen what your body says. Don’t push so hard for completing your long workout sessions. It will only increase your stress-level and can harm your body. So take regular breaks whenever you’ll feel like.

Tips #3 Do Intense Workouts Later In Day.

The real fact is- cortisol hormones release more at the morning. So it will be great for you to wear your favorite sneakers later in the day. Do heavy workouts but not in the morning.

Tips #4 And Most importantly,Eat Right.

Only a right diet with balance carbohydrates and proteins is all you need after a high-intense exercise. Therefore, plan your diet plan by adding some right nutrients into it.


In the crux, you can get some amazing fitness results from your health and wellness session only when you make those ones a little shorter. With Cortisol-conscious workouts, you can control the Cortisol releases in your bloodstream; can recover from any injury or infection; can help your body by providing them energy; can manage your heart rates & blood pressure and most importantly, can control your stress-level. So,

Make A Resolution For Only Doing Cortisol-Conscious Workouts From Now Onwards!