Listen Ladies! Embrace The Real You With Brands As They Are Getting Real About Sizes And Shapes

Since decades, the apparel industry has to carry an ugly legacy of ousting behavior towards women with “plus size”. It sounds a little weird but yes, this is the bitter truth of real-world experience that every curvy woman is facing since long. Luckily, Gonne is the awkward teenager phase of clothing brands when they were only focused with a narrow mindset of so-called “ideal body shape and size”. Now, they have come over with such stereotypes and have started thinking about something more real, something more beautiful.

How Brands Have Evolved With Time For Such A Revolutionary Change

In today’s date, many luxury lingerie brands and apparel companies have started launching their e-commerce websites where customers can buy some real shape & size’s apparels. But yes, this positive transformation doesn’t happen overnight. The apparel industry is slowly starting to realize that they need to change their marketing strategies which were based on old-age “ideal body scenario”. As people are more aware of their looks and fashion lines, now. Extending a few new sizes and shapes are definitely beneficial steps for companies. Apart from that, this kind of attention was much needed for raising awareness among young blood to stop criticizing someone body type. Therefore, it is not only a revolutionary change which was needed but also a wise decision to target a number of real people.

Main Reasons Why Brands Are Extending Fashion Lines With Real Sizes & Shapes


1. Increase in Sales

It has been seen that a positive message (regarding real bodies) has been resonated well with the public. Nowadays, real women are embracing their real sizes and shapes with pride. They are no longer hesitate to demand fairly choices. In fact, they are glad to get some real exposure. The result of this massive change has clearly shown in the yearly revenue generated by apparel’s companies.

Moreover, the steep inclination is enough to shut the mouths of traditional retailers who have knitted their business ideas around the so-called “perfect bodies” which obviously lie far away from the real-world’s consumptions. No doubt, if a feminism brand is smart then there is no point to lose a great number of real customers. Agree or not?

2. Support Feminist

Yes, another top reason is all about supporting feminism which is a valid reason for the adoption of such a realistic image. So Ladies! It is quite amazing to get some tickle in your stomach as a new verve has been started circulating for something special. Here, point to be noted is- “It took many years for luxurious feminine clothing brands to make such a strong statement regarding real body shapes and sizes. And most importantly, the positive responses by real women have proven how significantly it impacts on their community.”

3. Future Of “Plus Size” Fashion Lines

However, the former notion of beauty has been changed now. The new body-positive campaign entitles the way to a broad spectrum of plus-size fashion lines that can inclusively help an apparel brand with huge attainable results. For this, companies have started designing a range of different sizes and shapes. After that, they try to showcase themselves as one of the high-street female brands. It is useless to discuss but yes, they don’t even hesitate to photoshoot the plus-size model for showing their deep-down respect towards real human beings.

Lastly, Celebrate The Body Positive Campaign With “Tweak”

It’s high time to embrace women’s bodies with leading brands like Tweak by stepping-up and disheartening any kind of body shaming. As an underwear company, we believe in promoting body diversity at its best. We are looking forward to getting the overwhelming responses from millennial women who don’t believe in airbrushing their bodies. One who doesn’t get affected by a gorgeous counter image will surely understand why it is so important to break the molds, now. So,

Be A Part Of Body-Positive Global Change, Embrace The Real You With Us, Today!