How Women Empowerment Is Shaping The Future Of Swim And Lingerie Wear

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Gone are the days when women were too shy to wear a classy bikini or monokini swimwear. Recently a rise from women whom have pushed the boundaries of what is believed to be beautiful to challenge the status quo, and give other women the space to feel comfortable in their own skins. On social media, every second picture is of a woman dressed with lingerie/ swimwear/ exercise wear on showcasing what makes her feel like a woman. These changed ideals are breaking the once old tabooed topics and standards about women bodies, to encouraging women to be free and open and to promote a message about better health and wellness.
We absolutely support a better version of you no matter what that is with an encouragement of better wellness and healthy lifestyle.

Empower Strength Movement: The Blurred Lines between Brand Advertisements & Women Objectifying

Ironically, the lines are getting blurred in-between advertisement, social media, activists and women empowerment. Actually, social media gives people a unique platform for which they can share their visions, ideas and thoughts. They can speak their minds on things that bother them or pitch them for a loud shout out. They can raise questions on why women are being objectified in most of the brand advertisements. Impressively, the sparks of social media have the utter strength to discourage the so-called ‘golden rule of how women are portrayed’ like never before.

In 2018, a H&M bathing suits campaign, “Sizing For All’, gave honest and genuine results in the form of some really beautiful pictures of real bodies showing off body imperfections like cellulite, stretch marks, scars, freckles, etc. which was ground breaking at the time!
The fact is- people can no longer escape from the reality that standard sizes and shapes are total myths. In today’s world, women’s apparel brands are also sensibly taking a dig at fake beauty-standards and approaches what were blindly followed by them earlier. A lot of brands have started designing some “real shapes and sizes” clothing- which literally works as well!

A study conducted by International Journal of Fashion Design Technology and Education, as a storytelling medium, highlighted that the median American woman was a size is 14 and above. And interestingly, we all get easily influenced by vanity, self-consciousness and fashion leadership in our apparel shopping, therefore the social economic factors directly influences female’s consumers’ search behavior. So, instead of getting affected by beauty stereotypes, we should come forward to support health and well-being in our lifestyle. As it is harmful to wear a badly fitting, unhygienic undergarment just to be on trend with the “fake” beauty standards.

Thankfully! There are a bunch of modern lingerie lines available, in which you can easily choose from size US12 (44) to US14 (46). From knitted solids to jacquards, beautiful fit fabrics are surprisingly available in unexpected ways. Pick your favorites, no matter what others are saying.

Be Fierce, Confident & Feminine: An Open-Letter For 68% of American Women

Although, brand propaganda about what sells, has shifted to fact-checking and sensible approaches- courtesy of the internet, so now we don’t frown on body imperfections like stretch marks, cellulite, scars, visible veins, moles, freckles, etc. Embrace the real you with luxurious lingerie which makes you feel comfortable, look sexy and doesn’t move when being active.

So be fierce, confident and a bit feminine!

Remember, the key is-
“Never limit your choices for swim and lingerie to follow trends, always wear the right size with adequate support & don’t stick with boring blacks, play with vibrant colors.”

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