You Asked, We Listened…
The Black & Gold Tweak is HERE…

Over the last year, the Tweak community have been asking for their favourite active underwear in black.

So we’ve been working hard to bring you what you wanted and are super excited to announce – the wait is over.

Welcome to the the Black & Gold Edition.

Where minimalism meets maximum performance…

Our improved design ensures your undies will always stay in place…

No matter your shape or size.

The gusset is made from moisture-wicking bamboo.

Making it breathable, quick-drying and very hygienic.

No Visible Panty Line – you won’t see them through your workout tights.

They’re light and snug, so you can barely feel them!

The exceptional quality of fabric and elastic ensure they will last you for hundreds of washes.

NO need to keep replacing your underwear every month, phew!