About Ella

What makes you be an empowered woman in today’s world: I feel empowered when I’m believing in myself and pushing myself to be a better person then I was yesterday!  

What is your favorite exercise: Dead lifts 

Workout inside or outside: I love both ! 

What music do you love working out to: Remix’s 

What food program do you follow to keep in the shape you are: None, I try to eat wholesome food but am a big believer in eating healthy but not into coutaing calories 

What food is your go to when you are under the pump: Ubereats poke bowel  

What food is your vice when you want to have a cheat meal: burgers or steak or LOVE boa I’m a foodie  

Do you cook or get delivery: Cook most of the time unless my boyfriends forces me to eat out ? 

I’m happiest when: I’m with my boyfriend for “sooky Sundays” 

Instagram, twitter or facebook: only Insta @ellamolonycook 

Five beauty products you cannot live without: 

– fake tan!!!! 


– eye cream 

– spf need to more!! 


Makeup or free & easy: depends!! 

Sneakers or heels: SNEAKERS 

Dress or sports gear: SPORTS GEAR 

What do you do for down time: Actually opening up a wellness centre in Cronulla, Sydney!! So most of my down time is trying out other wellness centres 

Ted talk, book or internet for learning material: internet  

Best place you have travelled to: Greece  

Favourite quote you live by:wait just let me google”… 

Best achievement you have accomplished in life so far: Being independent and buying my first property 

Best advice you have ever received is: 

My mother always said…. Opinions are like ass holes every one has them  

Favourite tweak piece: oooooh hard choice!! Love nude colour 


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