About Jamie

What makes you be an empowered woman in today’s world:

Friends and family, they have always given me the confidence to be who i want, do what i want and act how i want. So I’m always looking to make them proud.


What is your favorite exercise:

Anything gymnastics and burpees


Workout inside or outside:

Outside, got to work on that tan also.


What music do you love working out to:

Eminem or any kiwi tunes, Six60


What food program do you follow to keep in the shape you are:

I have a nutritionist Liam Holmes in the UK who writes my meal plan and i get my meal delivery from PURA a Dubai based meal prep company.


What food is your go to when you are under the pump:

Chicken and potatoes, any potatoes and green apples.


What food is your vice when you want to have a cheat meal:



Do you cook or get delivery:



I’m happiest when:

At the beach 


Instagram, twitter or Facebook:



Five beauty products you cannot live without:


haha Lets go with one, Coconut moisturiser 


Makeup or free & easy:

Free & easy


Sneakers or heels:



Dress or sports gear:

Either both are comfortable


What do you do for down time:

Go to the beach, drink coffee, find different activities to do in Abu Dhabi like wake boarding, basketball or ten pin bowling is a fave.


Ted talk, book or internet for learning material:



Best place you have traveled to:

Maldives on a surf trip was pretty cool


Favourite quote you live by:

Hakuna Matata


Best achievement you have accomplished in life so far:

Creating family number 2 with all my friends in Abu Dhabi.


Best advice you have ever received is:

You don’t know unless you ask.


My mother always said….

Always better to be overdressed than under no matter where you are.


Favourite Tweak piece:

The original !! 

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