About Jess

What makes you be an empowered woman in today’s world:  

Empowered women take ownership of their identity. They make a conscious effort to know themselves – know their needs, goals, desires and ambitions.  

These woman our proud of who they are and understand their worth.  

An empowered woman in today’s world believes in building people up, encouraging their peers and supporting the people around them.  

Empowered women rise above criticism and misconceptions, because they are secure in themselves and know the importance of self-love.  

What is your favorite exercise: 

I love core exercises. Core strength and stability is essential for injury prevention – in the gym and in day to day life. Plus who doesn’t love having abs.  

Workout inside or outside: 

Working out inside is my preference, I love the atmosphere inside a gym. Music pumping, surrounded by a lot of likeminded people looking to stay fit and healthy.  

In saying that, I love outdoor sports. I play football (soccer), it’s a great way to stay fit, be social and have fun.  

What music do you love working out to: 

It depends on the type of workout; HITT / Cardio requires something uplifting with a fast beat.. where as a hardcore leg/booty workout definitely calls for some RnB.  

What food program do you follow to keep in the shape you are: 

It is so important to fuel your body correctly.  

I personally stick to a predominately plant based diet, (I am a vegetarian).  

I don’t focus on limiting my body (if I’m hungry it’s time to eat!) Instead I focus on providing it with the things it really needs: 

– Essential nutrients 

– Protein 

– Carbohydrates  

– Fats 

– Vitamins  

– Minerals  

And sooooo muchhh WATER!!  

– Also chocolate 

What food is your go to when you are under the pump: 

I try and prep a lot of my meals for the week in advance, this way I don’t get caught out if I’m really tired and don’t feel like cooking a healthy meal. I love a good veggie soup with loads of chilli. I also like to make sure I have healthy takeaway alternatives if i’m out and about – poke’ bowls are my favourite.  

What food is your vice when you want to have a cheat meal: 

I love Italian food, pizza and pasta are my go to cheat meals, (and chocolate).  

Do you cook or get delivery: 

I love to cook, I like food with a lot of flavour – garlic, chilli, tomato. But life is about balance, I’m not afraid to order in a healthy meal if it means getting to sleep earlier or allowing me to finish off some work / get in a workout.  

I’m happiest when: 

I’m happiest when I’m with loved ones. Whether that be family or friends, quality time with my favourite people always makes me happiest.   

Instagram, twitter or facebook: 

Always a gram fan 🙂 

Five beauty products you cannot live without: 

I can’t live without my skincare, a good moisturiser and body oil is essential to my day to day beauty routine.  

In terms of makeup; mascara, brow gel and lip balm get me through most days.  

Makeup or free & easy: 

Minimal makeup is my preference, particularly for working out. But! It’s important to do what you’re comfortable with! If you want to rock a winged liner and bold lip 24/7, more power to you.  

Sneakers or heels: 

Sneakers! I would much rather spend money on new trainers than a pair of heels.  

Dress or sports gear: 

I live in my sports gear! So comfortable, but still trendy. That’s not to say it’s not nice to glam it up sometimes! Who doesn’t love throwing on a nice dress and showing off that body we have been working so hard to achieve.   

What do you do for down time: 

Writing is one of my passions, so I spend a lot of my down time pouring out a new story. I also love relaxing with a good tv show or movie after a long day.  

Ted talk, book or internet for learning material: 

My go to for learning would definitely be internet and books. I love Ted talks but often prefer to read information than to listen to it.  

Best place you have traveled to: 

I love Hawaii! So beautiful and relaxed! I also adore Rome – for the history (and the food).   

Favourite quote you live by: 

“A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave”. – Gandhi  

Best achievement you have accomplished in life so far: 

I have university degrees, I have travelled the world.. but I have to say may greatest accomplishment would be becoming comfortable in my own skin. So many woman (including myself back in the day) are so critical of themselves – whether that be physically or in other ways. It is a feat to overcome insecurities or self esteem issues and learn to love the woman that you are.  

Best advice you have ever received is: 

Love is the answer. Love yourself and love others and only good will follow.  

My mother always said…. 

Looks will fade but your strength in character will remain. 

Favourite tweak piece:  

Tweak athletic underwear is incredible, definitely my fav!  


Her Tweak of Choice – Pink & Yellow

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