About Krystal

What makes you be an empowered woman in today’s world:Being surrounded by so many amazing women really helps me feel empowered. i am seeing so many female entrepreneurs doing so well with clothing brands, makeup brands, youtube channels etc and its so amazing to see these women becoming their own CEO’s especially when its branding to do with female empowerment especially brands such as Tweak. Obsessed!  

What is your favorite exercise:I’m loving HIIT classes at the moment as i always feel amazing after AND its great for heart health.  

Workout inside or outside:Outside! I enjoy getting out and walking along the river after being inside all day at work. 

What music do you love working out to:I’m currently really into Arianas new song “God is a Woman”, makes me feel like a boss LOL.  

What food program do you follow to keep in the shape you are: I’m really bad at following a consistent food program! i just like to incorporate all the good stuff when im cooking.  

What food is your go to when you are under the pump:I’m usually rushing to get out the door for work so i always just bring some Tuna and Crackers as a snack.  

What food is your vice when you want to have a cheat meal:PASTA! so much pasta. 

Do you cook or get delivery:Cooking is one of my favorite activities, i love cooking.  

I’m happiest when:I’m with Friends and Family, at the beach or with my dog!  

Instagram, twitter or facebook:I think instagram is a great platform for spreading awareness about multiple topics as i think more people are using it.  

Five beauty products you cannot live without:Liquid Liner, Jeffree Star Highlighter, Eyebrow Gel, Morphe Palettes and Colourful Lippys! 

Makeup or free & easy:Both! i like having a fresh face during the day to let my skin breathe and then love playing around with makeup if i have an event.  

Sneakers or heels: Both! 

Dress or sports gear: Again Both, Sports wear as my casual gear and dresses when i am going somewhere 🙂 

What do you do for down time:Chill out and read a book or binge watch a Netflix series. 

Ted talk, book or internet for learning material:I find that Podcasts are a fantastic and easy way to educate yourself. Some of them are also Funny AND informative so its a win winTheres an entire Ted Talks channel on the podcast app on Iphones.  

Best place you have travelled to: Turkey or Croatia for sure! both of these places have the most lovely people and awesome food and absolutely stunning countries.  

Favourite quote you live by: 

Best achievement you have accomplished in life so far: I think my biggest achievement has been being independent enough to fund a whole heap of travelling. Its always a great goal to work towards to keep me motivated. 

Best advice you have ever received is: 

My mother always said…. 

Favourite tweak piece: The G-Strings are suuuuper comfy! ? 

Her Tweak of Choice – G-Strings

Minimal Coverage. Maximum Freedom.

The Tweak Ladies Athletic Underwear is as comfortable as it is stylish. The premium moisture-wicking fabric and non-slip, no-VPL design will quickly become the favorite in your gym bag and underwear drawer. 


  • Moisture-wicking bamboo gusset inside
  • Quick-drying and breathable Coolon™ outside
  • Seamless construction = no chaffing or slipping
  • Soft, flexible waistband
  • Non-existent VPL 
  • Lasts for hundreds of washes

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