Use Your Period To Empower Women Around The World. Seriously! Here’s How


Women’s menstrual cycle is a big-taboo for countries like Saudi Arabia, Africa, Pakistan, India and for many other Asian continental parts. Therefore, it is always be a talk of the town when someone tries to break the society mold and says something about periods. Thankfully, we are living in the US so we haven’t faced and not even listen such imperative topics since our childhood. But do you know that a new brigade of millennial women living in these countries is ready to upward the poor trends.

Since a couple of decades, we are seeing some great examples of lady-trendsetters who seek how to break the stereotypes and live their life in their own way. Men also start motivating and supporting their women to come forward to break the stereotype.

Start Rebelling Against Social Taboos Like- Period

Can you believe a movie based on women’s menstruation cycle, Period- End of Sentence won Oscar award last year. It is documentary short film which is directed by Indian filmmaker, Rayka Zehtabch. Interestingly, this Oscar winning documentary is based on a real story of Indian Pad Man, Arunachalam Muruganantham who fought against the stigma around menstruation in his country. Later, he started manufacturing low-cost sanitary pads at his own house. Additionally, he educated rural people about the importance of period hygiene in one’s life. He not only provides pads for the not-so-well off people, but also gave them an avenue to earn their own money by hiring them.

Soon the tiny step taken by Arunachalam Muruganantham become a global voice. A film based on his life made the headlines when it was streamed at Academy Award 2018.

Seriously, it would be quite a challenge to make such a big statement for a guy (and also for women who start supporting him on such a taboo content) living in a tiny village where it was impossible to utter a word about- Period. Even girls start giggling and feel embarrassed to share notes on this topic. Undoubtedly, the whole credit goes to this pathbreaker guy who let rural people aware about women’s hygiene and also help them to be financially independent.

No Pickles Gonna Sore

Not surprisingly, people try to suppress serious gender problem. They still live with rigid mindsets believing women are weaker than men just because we bleed. Ohh!! Come-on, we are living in twenty-first century. For years, society try to add the baggage of their local culture and customs on our shoulders and the funniest thing is- they also expect us to behave under those strict norms. The moment we think to take our first step, we find that there are myriad possibilities which were waiting for us for long.


  • It is strongly advisable for girls/women that they should educate themselves. So that they shall get the confidence in themselves.
  • Make your own decisions. Just like men’s, you too have brain and guts to take the decision.
  • Never hide. There is no point to lose any of opportunity which comes to you, saying how can I do that?


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