5 Things Successful Women Should be in the Workplace

The workplace is no longer a male-dominated testosterone fest.  In fact, there are more successful women in the workplace now, leading businesses as CEO’s, Partners, and Founders.  It is inspiring and for us women, who have felt the lack of equality over many years, this is not only an empowering breakthrough, but it’s about time!

It is no secret that for decades, there were very few successful women in the workplace, let alone women leading big corporations.  We were always taught from a very young age, by our parents and our educators, that women belonged at home, as the disciplined housewives, to be seen not heard, to be polite and to speak when spoken to, to downplay intelligence and never to outsmart men.  It was the way things were, because men ruled the roost, and women were the pretty wallflowers.

Both subconsciously and consciously, society dictated for years, that women were the weaker link, the meek and milder version of the sexes, especially in the business world.

Fast forward to 2018 and my, how things have changed!  Women have defied all odds by becoming true leaders in our society, not only because they can lead and inspire in the workplace, but because, after work, they can nurture and take care of their families at home.   The multi-tasking abilities of women far exceed what most think was ever possible, because we have been told that we cannot have both. But guess what?  We can!

In honour of all fierce women out there, we have listed our five favourite tips on how to be successful in the workplace:

  • Be Confident:
    • It is time now to kick, what society locked into our minds for so long, right out the door! We ARE enough!  Self-doubt, fear of failing, the pressures of running a business are all real problems, BUT, if you never fail, you will never learn.  If you never fall, you will know how to get back up and kick butt!  When you have to manage big teams of people, and you need your team to buckle down and get things done, you have to stay strong, confident whilst still inspiring those you lead, otherwise your own self-confidence, and your business will crumble.
  • Be Compassionate:
    • The people you manage are instrumental to the success of your business. A true leader is one that really takes the time out to get to know the people who work for them.  When you are empathetic and understanding of the people who work for you, you have a better sense of how to communicate with them which leads to a great working relationships.  Interacting with people in a kind and compassionate way is a great way to build loyalty and respect as a leader.
  • Be Creative & Passionate:
    • “Nothing revolutionary ever started without vision, and it takes creativity to put true vision into action.” Be creative. Step out of the box!
    • Be passionate in all you do, even when you are having a bad day!  Always stay strong in your pursuit of your dream of being a successful woman in the workplace, no matter what life throws at you!
  • Find your Balance:
    •      Take time out for yourself.  As a successful woman, you are probably also running your household, and so in the real world, you are running two full-time jobs.  It is therefore essential to have at least one hour a day where there are no distractions, no phone-calls, no interruptions.  Just “ME” time.   A burnt out person is never a successful one in the long run, so find time to rejuvenate, meditate, workout, rest or read.  Whatever it is that you find solace in, block it out in your calendar every day!
  • Dress for Success:
    • Successful women maintain an impeccable image. This is because a successful woman knows that her image is her brand.
    • Your image is an indicator of who you are. Even when you don’t feel the part, LOOK the part. An excellent sense of style when it comes to your image can lead to greater opportunities and higher levels of success.
    • Being a fierce and successful woman dominating the business world, isn’t just about what you look like from the outside. It is about feeling good from the inside too, so don’t forget to “tweak” before you walk out the door 😉

Being a successful woman in the workplace isn’t easy, but look at us ladies, we are finally doing it!  No-one will ever give us an easy pathway to success – we have to grab it with both hands!   It is so important for everyone (both men and women alike) to acknowledge as a society that women finally have a voice to stand up, to speak and to be heard.  It’s no longer about playing small.  We have to go big….or go home.